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Undiscover is a social platform for travelers

With Undiscover's impeccable social media presence in the niche traveling market, we designed a native mobile app and desktop experience, with a major focus on brand integration., we wanted to help make Undiscover.IO as appealing as possible.

  • ClientUndiscover.io
  • IndustryAdventure / Travel
  • ServicesUI Design, Brand Direction, Website
  • Websitewww.Undiscover.io
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We help you discover from north to south, from the forest to the mountains to the sea. Using unique colors and global typography
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Providing marketing products, merchandise and brand assets
UI & Website Design
Everyone travel's lets do it together

With iDesignify’s own touch, we were able to provide an original construct of the interface, the experience, icons, and screens. With our custom creations, we were able to help influence Undiscover.IO’s social presence to greater lengths.

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